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About Mantra India

Mantra India is one of the modern North Indian Punjabi family-run restaurants in the Bay Area, California. The restaurant represents 10+ years of experience and expertise along with  our unique recipes. At the heart of the business is devotion to the authentic, fresh, and superbly prepared food. Making us truly "The Only One Of It's Kind."

  Mantra India is one of the finest Indian restaurants bringing the true taste of home cooking to your table. We serve North & South Indian delicacies and have a full bar offering a wide selection of wines, liquors, and handcrafted cocktails.

Mantra isn't just a restaurant. It's a way of life. Our back to basics approach to cooking has been used in Indian homes for generations with farm-fresh food, subtle flavors, and no artificial flavors and additives; A little more effort for the chefs results in delicious dishes for you.

With over 70 specially prepared mouthwatering dishes every day, you are most certainly spoilt for choice. A full-service bar, an elaborate brunch every day of the week, happy hour specials, and our focus on food, presentation, and service will keep you coming back for more!

A relaxing, warm, and receptive ambience perfect for couples, families, and large groups make Mantra India the perfect choice for every occasion.

 The business has grown organically with three full-service restaurants and full service catering business from 50 to 10,000 people catering. Each of the dishes have a unique flavor, taste, and texture. And it is cooked for perfection.

The motive of our restaurant is not to just to serve food, it is also to ensure that each customer leaves with a smile on their face. Customers at Mantra India are more than only diners, when they come to Mantra India, they become part of the Mantra India family. This, together with the high standard, is what keeps guests keep coming back.

Come, the magic of Mantra is waiting to be discovered, for a dining experience found only here!

Mantra India Food

We grew up being influenced by the exotic spices of Northern India that filled the air of our childhood home. Our family farmhouse grows organic vegetables. In our family kitchen, we observed a lesson on utiltizing every part of an ingredient and spice. To share our passion for authentic Indian food made with fresh ingredients, we learned that Indian food the way we cook is not just food, it's medicine to the soul. In our recipe, we do not use any preservatives. We believe in the healing power of food. Each ingredient such as ginger roots, garlic, clove, cardamom, green chili, and fresh vegetables help us in staying healthier. We care about our ingredients from where we get them, how we cook, and how we serve.

  We are proud of our chefs, they cook with love and care, they put their heart into every dish. We train every server not take any shortcuts and doing their best to accommodate every guest and the take care of their dietary needs and food sensitivities. 

  We cook all dishes daily at Mantra India, and we use authentic organic hand-pounded Indian spices to give a fresh aroma to our customers. We  use a local source for vegetables and other needs. Our Dals(lentils) soak overnight to provide fully-cooked dishes. For our traditional breads, we make the doughs daily to give the feeling of freshly-cooked food to our customers. 

Meet Our Executive Team